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Each week, a time is being reserved for your child whether or not he/she attends. Please try to choose a session time that you feel confident you can attend weekly. 


If I have to cancel a session, I will notify you as soon as possible, and I will work with you to try to reschedule.  If we can’t find a time to reschedule I will give you a credit for your next session.


If you cancel a booked session because of an illness, we’ll work to try to reschedule the session.  If we can’t find a time to reschedule, I will give you credit for the session to be used during our next session.  Please give me as much notice as possible so that I can work to rearrange my schedule and fit your child in somewhere else during the week if possible.  


If you have a sporting event, family vacation, school event, etc. scheduled during our regular meeting time, please do not book the appointment.  This money will not be refunded.


If I am saving a spot for your child and he or she attends less than 75 percent of his/her scheduled sessions but you still wish for your child to receive tutoring, we will schedule on a week-to-week basis. A specific time, however, will not be reserved weekly for your child.  For example, let’s say a child has a weekly tutoring appointment; therefore, we meet four sessions a month.  If your child only attends two sessions a month and you find yourself canceling two sessions a month, you can just message me on the weeks you do want to meet.  I can let you know my open spots, and we can work to find a time to meet.  Weekly appointments will be reserved for regular clients–those consistently meeting at least 75 percent of the time each month.  



During school breaks, tutoring is optional.  If we are both available, we can meet at our regular tutoring sessions.  If not, you will not be responsible for these sessions.  This includes Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.  I may not be available for tutoring during the breaks scheduled in Mt. Juliet Christian Academy’s calendar.  



These policies apply to tutoring during the school year.  Separate summer policies will be agreed upon before summer tutoring begins.

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